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Club Life is not just any swinger club, but rather the swinger club exclusively for couples.

For newcomers: The first visit

All of the LIFE team members can remember only too well the first club visit and the torturous questions which accompanied that visit.

Lots of justified questions which one inevitably wonders about without getting any good answers buzzed around our heads as well.

Fragen über Fragen, mit denen man doch so ziemlich alleine da steht, da man so schlecht den Arbeitskollegen, die Nachbarin oder Familienmitglieder um Erfahrungswerte bitten kann.

Questions over questions which one is left more or less alone with as it’s not exactly possible to ask a colleague, neighbor or family member about their experiences.

And even TV-reports about simulated swinger club visits do not really represent the real “club life” but rather give a false impression and unsettle the viewer.

WHO is actually going to swinger clubs and could we meet an acquaintance there?

WHAT is the appropriate outfit for a visit to the club?

WHERE is the right club for our first visit?

WHEN is the right time for a first visit to the club? A big event or a smaller swinger get-together?

WHY do we need this at all and how far are we going to go once we are in a club?

HOW does one behave in a swinger club and are we going to be recognized as newcomers straight away?

Thus, most interested couples who would like to take the first step in the as of yet unknown world are left alone with their questions.

The Club LIFE Team would like to make this entry easier for you!

Every Thursday, after making an appointment, we give you the option to meet with us outside of the normal hours of the club in Club LIFE.

In a personal conversation we will take as much time as needed for you, to show you our rooms during a tour of the club and answer any and all burning questions you might still have.

You did one thing correctly for the “first time” as it is: you are looking at a couple’s club!!!!!!

We look forward to support you in this and to answer all your questions ahead of the planned visit in a casual conversation.

To make an appointment simply write us an E-Mail or give us a call in Club LIFE.

    Inquiry - The first club visit

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    Current Information: Looking for service staff


    To bolster our team we are looking for motivated personnel (m/w) for the areas:

    • Service
    • Kitchen
    • Janitorial & Laundry Staff

    Please apply directly to us using the following contact form.


      I have read privacy policy and accept that my data will be saved for the pupose of contact or further inquiries. *

      Fields marked with * are mandatory.

      Prices & Hours


      Day   Free
      Friday   90,00 Euro
      Saturday 110,00 Euro
      Sunday   80,00 Euro
      Day  Hours
      Fr – Sa 20.00 – 04.00
      Sunday: We are open every first Sunday of the month from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.



      The admission fees are for each couple. Included in the price are all drinks and buffet meals. Generally, on days with special events separate admission fees and opening hours apply. These you can find for the respective parties on our Events page.


      During the summer months:
      Saturday: from 14.00 including 25,00 Euro per person
      Sunday: from 13.00

      Overnight Stays

      Place  Price
      Hotel on demand
      R/V & Caravan Parking Free

      Bonus Card


      From now on, on their first visit to Club LIFE will receive their own LIFE-Bonus Card during check-in.


      On every subsequent visit the card is stamped again. Those who manage to accumulate eight stamps on their Club LIFE-Bonus Card receive free admission to the erotic world of Club LIFE on their ninth visit.

      “Collect stamps and secure free admission on your 9th visit”


      The bonus card cannot be used during special events which take place in Club LIFE.


      Erotic Weekend

      A whole erotic weekend filled with party and leisure activities
      Club LIFE offers you a complete erotic weekend with fun parties and lots of leisure activities all around Club LIFE.

      Our weekend packages are listed at the bottom of this page!!!

      Every Friday at 20:00 the doors of Club LIFE are opened for you. On Fridays you can then enjoy alternating themed parties in Club LIFE.

      After 04:00 when the end of the regular party night has been announced you may then, for a fee of 20,00 €, stay overnight in the themed rooms and enjoy a hearty breakfast buffet in the morning from 09:00 to 11:30.

      On Saturdays Club LIFE opens its doors as of 14:00!!!

      During good weather you can enjoy the outdoors-area including a love-lounge with sunbeds for nude sunbathing and there is even a big outdoor-pool available for you to cool off.

      But bad weather does not necessitate boredom in Club LIFE either. Your can enjoy yourself in the whirlpool grotto or make initial contacts during pleasant conversations for the LIFE-NIGHT which lies ahead.

      Around 15:00 we offer a buffet and for the football fans among you we show the Bundesliga after 15:30 as a dual broadcast. The kitchen further offers a hearty snack around 17:00 to bridge the time to the evening buffet.

      Couples arriving early are asked to pay an additional 25,00 € on top of the regular admission fee as we offer a full service drink bar as of 14:00.

      Couples who would like to enjoy the Sunday attractions of Club LIFE for relaxation as of 13:00 in the summer and 16:00 in the winter following the two “party-days” need to make a separate booking for the Sunday events.

      Once every month club LIFE hosts a large and constantly changing Special-Event-Saturday!!!

      On weekends which are accompanied by a special event the weekend offer is increased. Please ask us concerning the special offers for a complete weekend during these event-weekends.

      Being located in Gescher Club LIFE is in the heart of the beautiful Münsterland and, using the A31, enjoys excellent access to the autobahn network with proximity to the Ruhrgebiet, the Lower Rhine and our neighbors in the Netherlands. As a result, weekend guests have access to a variety of leisure activities and interesting destinations to visit.

      Consequently, in between the parties which take place on Friday and Saturday from 20:00 to 04:00 you have the opportunity to make use of the nearby leisure facilities or to connect your visit to Club LIFE with another event.

      In the immediate surrounding of Club LIFE you can go for walks, take trips through the Münsterland on bikes or motorcycles. Golfers can also improve their handicap on the nearby golf course.

      Naturally, all of these offers can be booked directly through us.

      Below are a few additional suggestions:

      From Club LIFE to Münster – approximately 55 kilometers

      From Club LIFE to Haltern am See – approximately 40 kilometers

      From Club LIFE to the Rheinaue wetlands near Rees – approximately 55 kilometers

      From Club LIFE to the Shopping Centro, Oberhausen – approximately 60 kilometers

      From Club LIFE to the Movie World Germany, Bottrop – approximately 40 kilometers

      From Club LIFE to the Alpine Center, Bottrop – approximately 55 kilometers

      From Club LIFE to the Schalke Arena, Gelsenkirchen – approximately 60 kilometers

      From Club LIFE to Winterswijk, Niederlande – approximately 25 kilometers

      From Club LIFE to Enschede, Niederlande – approximately 50 kilometers

      Our Club LIFE weekend packages:

      Package A:

      Themed Party Friday + Saturday LIFE-Dance-Night for 180,00 € and you receive 2 loyalty stamps on your bonus card (a value of 27,50€).

      Package B:

      Saturday LIFE-Dance-Night and LIFE-Sunday for 170,00€ and you receive 2 loyalty stamps on your bonus card (a value of 27,50€).

      Package C:

      Themed Party Friday + Saturday LIFE-Dance-Night + LIFE-Sunday for 250,00€ and you receive 3 loyalty stamps on your bonus card (a value of 41,75€).

      For overnight stays at Club LIFE including our breakfast buffet we charge 20,00€ per couple and overnight stay.

      We the use of the Club LIFE facilities on Saturdays in the hours between 14:00 and 20:00 including full drink service, kitchen buffet and afternoon snack we charge 25,00€ per couple.

      During special events the package price may be higher. Please ask about the price for Erotic Weekend packages during weekends with special events by calling us or sending us an E-Mail.

      Rules and Questions

      In our club there are only a few clearly defined rules but all guests are expected to adhere to these. They ensure a certain standard / niveau is maintained. Thank you for your understanding!

      1. 1. The first principle is: A No means NO. If someone does not like something, then naturally that is to be respected without question.


      1. 2. Heavily intoxicated persons, prostitutes and minors are not allowed in the club and will be asked to leave immediately.


      1. 3. Please leave your mobile phones, photo and video cameras in the lockers! Taking photographs or filming is strictly forbidden in the club.


      1. 4. Entry is granted only to those who are appropriately dressed and maintain a neat appearance.


      1. 5. For the sake of cleanliness and hygiene, we ask to always put towels down first in the matt area. These are available for you everywhere. Used towels should be stored in the designated bins.


      1. 6. Please dispose of used condoms and paper towels in the designated garbage cans and not between mattresses or other decorative items.


      1. 7. For reasons of safety and hygiene smoking and bringing food or drinks to the play areas is forbidden.


      1. 8. In the interest of all potential love partners we ask you to pay attention to your personal hygiene, which should be a matter of course in a club such as ours.


      1. 9. Entering the play areas wearing shoes of any kind is strictly forbidden!


      1. 10. In the erotic areas (play areas) we ask to forgo loud conversations which would be disturbing to other guards. You can chatter and have nice conversations, for example, at our champagne bar or in our lounge.


      1. 11. Should you notice something disturbing in the Club or Erotic areas please let our reception or bar staff know so that we can take care of your concerns promptly.

      Frequently Asked Questions and Answers concerning Couples Clubs

      What is Club LIFE?
      We are a swinger club exclusively reserved for couples whose guests are exclusively private persons without financial interests. Prostitutes do not belong in a real couple’s club and especially not in ours.
      What is the difference between couples and swinger clubs?
      Originally couples and swinger clubs referred to the same thing. The term “swinger club” was the internationally accepted name for couple’s clubs. Since then however, swinger clubs have turned into clubs with too many men compared to women while clubs like ours have become somewhat of a rarity.
      What happens in our club?
      That varies quite a bit. Generally speaking, tolerant couples with the most diverse sexual interests such as partner sharing, exhibitionism, voyeurism, bi-sexual interests (mainly among women), touching, petting, meeting new people, chatting and so forth meet here. Permissible is anything that is liked and as a result the range of things can be experienced in a couple’s club with the other guests is quite broad. Many simply enjoy watching others, to get ideas and then enjoy themselves in the play rooms which may be locked. Naturally, no one is required to participate in things they do not enjoy. A guest’s “No” is respected and accepted by us 100% of the time. Everyone goes as far as they are comfortable. However, the exiting atmosphere is generally so exciting that it makes one want to act out various fantasies.
      What happens when I run into a colleague or a neighbor at Club LIFE?
      At first this is, of course, somewhat embarrassing likely for both parties. But why? It merely shows that you did not make a bad choice when picking this club. This kind of thing should be looked at from a cheerful and sexy perspective and, since tolerance is the alpha and omega of the swinger club existence, one should interact with a neighbor or colleague in the same friendly manner. You will see that any nervousness or insecurity will dissipate with a friendly smile in no time.
      How much does a visit to Club LIFE cost and can I store my valuables securely somewhere?
      A detailed overview of our prices is available on our website. Special events may cause these prices to vary however. The admission fee includes the use of all rooms in the club and hygiene articles (deodorant, shampoo, hairspray, condoms etc.) as well as delicious food from our large and diverse gourmet buffet and drinks of all kinds, including our delicious cocktails. In addition to this, Club LIFE has a guarded parking area with an adequate number of parking spaces available for free to guests. Valuables can be securely stored in our lockers. Thus, you can enjoy a completely relaxed stay in the club focusing exclusively on your carefree pleasure.
      Do couples who want to come to Club LIFE have to be married?
      Of course not! We do not ask for a marriage certificate. We simply welcome all couples!
      What about prevention?
      Condoms are available all over the club for free. In your own interest and the interest of your partners you should make use of these.
      What about jealousy?
      Basically, as a couple, you should have come to a clear understanding what expects you in a couple’s club like ours. Naturally, jealousy is not the ideal basis for a relaxed time together. In this the limits of couples are defined individually. Clearly defined parameters and signals between couples are helpful in order to avoid potential problems and to simply enjoy a good time in Club LIFE.
      Do singles have access to Club LIFE?
      Definitely not. We are 100% a couple’s club reserved exclusively for couples. Singles of either gender are not admitted to our club.
      We would like to take a look and maybe more but don’t really dare to!
      We hear that a lot and it is understandable. The biased reporting on TV and the internet in particular with a sometimes one sided, falsified perspective about so-call “couple’s clubs” which are in fact nothing but swinger clubs and have nothing to do with clubs like ours, scares people off. Again and again in more or less serious reports examples which, in our view, are bad are being shown. The impression created by this about the operations, guests and even the niveau are far away from the reality of a large and well managed couple’s lifestyle club like Club LIFE. To get a serious and real idea what it looks like and what goes on in a club like ours we can only encourage each couple to come by for a non-committal visit.

      Dress Code

      Sexual tension does not live by one’s senses appealing ambience, so a stimulating atmosphere, but also from the fact that our guests can really feel at home. Part of this is a certain dress code which guides things in a certain direction and leaves room for one’s fantasy. Isn’t it the case that a well wrapped present really whets appetite for what is inside? To anticipate and be surprised increases the erotic pleasure and is far more exciting than plain nudity. Those who know how to present themselves are bound to generate attention. But do not fret: We do not expect a fashion show! To give those who lack experience some ideas concerning what we have in mind we have included lists below for her and him with ideas on what to wear.

      For her


      • Erotic lingerie
      • Erotic corsets
      • Lace and garters
      • Mini Skirts and club clothes
      • Bra and panties
      • Hotpants
      • Vinyl, leather and latex
      • High Heels
      • Sexy shoes
      • Boots


      For him


      • Tight boxer shorts and t-shirt  (the fancier version please)
      • Vinyl, leather and latex
      • Flip flops and boots


      Not allowed


      • Wearing only towels (we are not a nudist club)
      • “Ribbed underwear” –  undershirt and underpants
      • “Jogging-Outfits”/ Sneakers
      • Colorful boxer shorts
      • Looking sloppy
      • Football-/Sport jerseys
      • Street clothes


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